Who I am?
My name is Patryk. I am a cinematographer based in Winnipeg, Canada. I am working under the name, Keen Man Films.
I specialize in shooting short films, commercials, music videos and documentaries. Aside from shooting, I am also an editor and a colorist.
I am eager to take any challenge related to film.

Why work with me?
I have a years of experience working in this field. I worked on sets in Winnipeg for local brands and artists. Also, I have experience from Europe, where I made commercials and music videos. I am detail-oriented with a keen eye in film. The creativity in film making is something I take very seriously. I follow the latest trends in filmmaking and pop culture, which allows me to create a commercial or music video, that meets current requirements. I know that in this time, with the whole world having easy access to new technology, the quality of work is very important. I take every necessary step to ensure that my films are of the highest quality.

What can we create together?
Together we can create something unique. Whether you’re looking for a filmmaker for production or someone to walk you through creating a film from start to finish, I can help you every step of the way. I love to work with people on the creative process from beginning to end

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